Which rookie should make their team?



There are some interesting decisions that front offices have to make in the next 10 days around major league baseball on top flight prospects. Some of these decisions have come up because of injuries to their stars, some simply because the prospects have played their way into the conversation. GM’s will be a lot of disagreements with their managers about the prospects making the big club and who maybe being rushed.


Jedd Gyorko 3B/2B – Due to injury to third basemen Chase Headley with a broken thumb and the emergence of Logan Forsythe this spring MLB rookies - Gyorkohas made this decision a little murky. Both can play now and then when Headley returns from injury, then the real battle begins. Gyorko is ready to play in the big leagues now but so is Logan Forsythe. With Forsythe’s injury (plantar fasciitis) has all but sewn up Jedd Gyorko a spot with the Padres when they break camp.



MLB rookies - Myers

Wil Myers OF – Myers was optioned to the minor league camp and will be starting his Tampa Bay Ray’s career in triple A. Now this isn’t because Myers performance. This is strictly a money move. Tampa must do these types of deals to control their talent for as long as they can, especially when it is a bat the caliber of Myers. Tampa fans might want an instant return on the James Shields trade but with the fiscal restraints of the Rays, now it is when you will see Myers. The Rays could bring him up after April 12th and that would start his free agency in 2019 and the later the Rays can delay will also help them with arbitration. Expect to see Myers until end of May.


MLB rookies - Puig

Yasiel Puig OF – This dude has been on fire all spring. Puig is hitting a robust .520 this spring and has really forced himself into the discussion on whether he has earned the right to break with the Dodgers. Dodgers have a loaded outfield but with question marks all over the place. In left field Carl Crawford is coming off Tommy John surgery and had a little set back with a forearm strain. Ideally the Dodgers want Crawford to be absolutely 100% when he does actually play. Matt Kemp is coming off of shoulder surgery but has started to play within the last week. The Dodgers want to be cautious with their most prized outfielder. The real elephant in the room is Andre Ethier, who the Dodgers gave a contract extension last year but the Dodgers have shopped over the off season. That would be where the natural landing spot if they can make a trade. The problem is being so early on in the year and teams are locked in with their lineups. So Puig will have to wait until there is room for him in the crowded outfield. Puig will be hoping for a trade.



MLB rookies - Bradley jr.

Jackie Bradley Jr. OF – The Red Sox are in quite situation with Bradley. He has hit and fielded extremely well, to the point that now it is 50/50 whether he makes the club. Bradley is hitting .429 with a 1.097 OPS in 21 games this spring. He has one home run, five RBIs and one stolen base. The injury to David Ortiz’s Achilles which allows OF Jonny Gomes to DH, a more natural position for Gomes who can be a defensive liability at times just paves the way for Bradley Jr.? Well the problem being the same with Wil Meyers of Tampa Bay, starting his service time. Having Bradley Jr. on the roster for opening day would move his free agency to 2018. First thing worth noting: Bradley is not currently on the team’s 40-man major league roster. A full year of major league service time is considered 172 days. There are roughly 183 days in a major-league season, which this year begins March 31, the night Houston plays Texas in the first game of the 2013 season. Six years of major league service are required before a player is eligible for free agency. That’s why the Red Sox front office would rather have him down until April 12th but Bradley’s play has said otherwise. At the end of the day, Bradley Jr. doesn’t break camp with the big club but is up shortly after, unless there is a slump or injury. I believe the Ortiz injury will prove to be worse than the club is letting on and there is a good possibility that David Ortiz needs surgery or we will not see him until middle of June.



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2 thoughts on “Which rookie should make their team?

  1. I hate that money and contracts decide when a guy comes up. What happened to when a prospect was ready, the club just brought him up?
    Being a life long Dodger fan, I can’t wait until Ethier gets hurt or goes into long slump against left handed hitting.

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