Get use to this acronym – YAC

YAC - SandersThe Patriots are going towards a type of receiver that will make the Patriots offense different but similar all at the same time. It looks like the Patriots are on verge of signing Emmanuel Sanders to an offer sheet. The 3rd year pro out of SMU would make the receiving corps deeper, with the signing of Danny Amendola and Donald Jones earlier in the week. Instead of making runs at known commodity in Wes Welker and Mike Wallace the Patriots have decided that they go the “value” route and sign lesser known guys who will fit the system. I do think that these moves albeit not sexy will pay off better than signing Mike Wallace. Wallace is not considered a route runner per se, he is more like Randy Moss in the sense of a one trick pony. What you get out of Amendola and Sanders are shifty guys that find the soft part of the defense and also have the ability to make people miss and get yards after the catch.


Courtesy of ESandersChannel



YAC will be a big part of the Patriots offense if these moves pay off. Amendola and Sanders are guys who can take a 7 yard slant pattern and turn it into a 70 yard touchdown. Sanders, is a fast guy with the ability to get in and out of breaks without losing acceleration. This might look very similar to the offense that won Super Bowls. Days of David Givens, David Patten, and Deion Branch. I believe that is what the Patriots are trying to recapture with these signings.


The compensation for Sanders is a 3rd round pick. Why is this important? The Patriots do not have a ton of picks this year and if this deal gets YAC -BBfinalized, the Patriots will be left with a 1st, 2nd, and a couple of 7s round choices. Not a typical Belichick draft, where he has 2 or 3 third round picks. The criticism in New England was when would Bill Belichick ever parlay those picks and move up in the draft? The last couple of seasons he has utilize the picks to do just that, which is a complete strategy switch from previous drafts. With the way the Patriots have not cultivated and groomed wide receivers over the past 6 seasons, giving up a 3rd round pick for Sanders is a good thing.


This signing allows the Patriots to sure up the offensive line and defensive line with their first 2 picks. With an abundance of OL and DL talent in this draft, to me seem like no brainer ways to go or in the traditional way that the Patriots manipulate the draft, trade out of the 1st round and stockpile picks for rounds 2, 3, and 4 especially in this year’s draft.



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