Plan B?

Plan B - Welker and BradyWes Welker is now a Denver Bronco! There better be an awesome “Plan B”. Former Patriot signed a 2 year deal for $12 million and I am having a hard time defending the Patriots front office and, “In Bill Belichick we trust.” That’s been motto for over decade now. The Patriots need to make moves to improve their offense, because there is a huge hole left by Welker. Not only was Welker Brady’s favorite receiver but he was the most productive for the Patriots. Over 100 catches for the past 5 years. Brady must be pissed. Brady, a week ago re-structured his deal to get other players underneath the salary cap. Sources spoke to someone close to Tom Brady. Beyond enraged at contract details that netted Broncos Wes Welker. “Disgrace” “disservice” were used. I thought with Brady’s re-structure, it was a fore gone conclusion that Welker was going to be re-signed and possibly CB Aquib Talib, instead we are left with the question, what will the Patriots next move be?


I guess you start with “Wes Welker very light” in Ram WR Danny Amendola, Amendola has been injured mostly for the past 2 years. Amendola has played 12 games out of 32 over the past 2 seasons. Patriot fans would be furious if that’s what all the Patriots do. New England doesn’t have the draft currency to replace Welker. The Patriots do not have a pick in rounds 4, 5, or 6. In couple of mocks draft experts do not even have the Patriots drafting a WR until the 3rd round and that is not an impact type player. With other needs in the secondary and both offensive and defensive lines does not allow the Patriots to take their 3 picks and draft WR’s.   Now if this is philosophy change on offense, where the tight ends rule the middle of the field and possibly make a commitment to the run, I will be all for it. Putting an emphasis on the running game with the trio of running backs (Bolden, Ridley, and Vereen) could be the championship ingredient that the Patriots have figured out and will now utilize to get their 5th championship.



Plan B - FitzgeraldThe other route is to look for trades for disgruntled wide receivers. I am not talking about problem children such as Cowboy WR Dez Bryant. No, I am talking about a franchise WR like Larry Fitzgerald. I do not know what it would take to get him but start with your late 1st round pick this year and maybe a 2nd or a 3rd round pick next year, and a conditional pick in 2015. What would give up for another Lombardi trophy? The Arizona Cardinals aren’t close to competing for their division with the emergence of the Seahawks and 49ers. The Cardinals do not have a good quarterback situation and Larry Fitzgerald is now 29 years of age and may want an opportunity consistently win for the 3 or 4 years.




Just in, the Patriots signed ex Ram WR Danny Amendola for a reported 5 year $31 million.  So let me get this straight, so you sign a guy for 3 Plan B - Amendolamore years for the same amount of money that Welker signed for, which was $6 million per year?  All that means is the Patriots just got younger at the slot WR but more fragile. Wes Welker is more durable than Amendola.   I guess you could go back when the Patriots signed little known Wes Welker from Miami a few years back.



Amendola’s 2013 Stats

11 63 101 666 10.6 56 3

There has to be more to this free agent puzzle than what we are seeing right now, obviously it will play out through the rest of free agency and through the draft. Are you still under the notion of, “In Bill we trust”?



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