Do you put all your chips in the middle of the table?



All in - RevisOn the “Toucher and Rich Show”  on 98.5 “The Sports Hub” made an interesting argument for trading for Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis. Trading 1st round picks this year and in 2014 and 2nd or 3rd round pick in 2015. Could you just picture a Talib and Revis cornerback combination? Patriot fans would be in nirvana. Would you do this? Trading for a player coming off knee surgery but also he was the best cover corner in the league when he was injured. This is far from the Patriots model, in fact usually the Patriots gather and stockpile picks. Last year the Patriots did vary from their usual sort of business.

A healthy Revis would be a coupe for the Patriots but the problem is before the knee injury, Revis had been slowed hamstring issues and also Revis has always been the guy who was worried about being compensated and shown “Respect” by holding out for the most money in a contract. We all know that is not the “Patriot way”. You don’t mess with the godfather aka Bill Belichick and contracts because remember Ty Law and Asante Samuel??? Revis couldn’t pull his, I am not respected card. So do Patriots go all in on something like this? Fans would say, “In Bill we trust.” The Patriots have not cultivated a decent secondary player since Romeo Crennell and Eric Mangini left.


Another option would be Detroit Lion defensive end Cliff Avril who will be a free agent. Cliff Avril/Chandler Jones as the All in - Avrilbookends would also improve the pass rush. Now Avril will not come as a discount at all. He is looking to cash in and cash in a big way. He wants to be paid like Julius Peppers. Now if Belichick didn’t pull the trigger when Peppers was available, what makes you believe he would on Avril? Here is the one thing to think about. Avril is 26 years old and has never suffered any sort of significant injury. This would be an all in move.


All in - HarvinAnother move would be is to trade for Percy Harvin; with literally 4 running backs on the Patriots roster maybe you swap a running back and a pick or 2 for the next couple of years. Harvin would solve 2 issues, one, a younger more explosive model of Wes Welker and two, Harvin would be a dramatic upgrade to the return game. Belichick has infinity for Harvin similar to the crush that Belichick had on Chad Johnson. The other benefit of having Percy Harvin is not being held hostage by Welker and if Welker does wants to sign back with the Patriots it would be at the Patriots price.



Personally I would check on OLB Connor Barwin, who looks like a Mike Vrabel clone as far as size. Barwin’s presence on All in - Barwinthe defensive side of the ball would help the pass rush. Houston Texans linebacker Connor Barwin was a guest on The SiriusXM Blitz with Adam Schein and Rich Gannon and discussed his soon-to-be free agent status. He says if he does not re-sign with Houston, he wants to play for a contender, and he’ll take less money to do so. This sounds like the perfect Patriot player. Yo BB! Go get the jet ready from Kraft and be on Barwin’s doorstep at 12:01 am March 12th.




Latest news on Wes Welker…

All in - WelkerWes Welker’s contract might have hit a snag. Looks like Welker will be testing the free agent market. As Patriot fans, do you like the gamble of Welker testing the market? There are teams who need a complimentary piece next to their number wide receiver. Examples would be Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, and Indianapolis Colts. 2 of the 3 teams have legitimate number one wide receivers and need more weapons. I do not see the Patriots flinching on this deal. If this is a game of “chicken” the Patriots will win.




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