NBA News & Notes

Kobe Goes “Retro” on Hawks

Ok, the Lakers are back at .500 and albeit 60 games into the year but yes the Lakers are back even. Hey Josh Smith (aka J-Smoove) that is what a max player looks like. That guy, who has been in the league for 17 years and 5 rings just dunked on you. Kobe Bryant went “old school” last night, with his ups and the way he took over in the 4th quarter. I still believe that Kobe needs to allow Nash and Howard to help him shoulder the load and keep those guys involved, but last night was awesome to see. Bryant score 34 points on 13 of 27 shooting, with 4 helpers and 6 rebounds to propel the Lakers to the win 99-98.

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No one has the Heat number.

14 games are where the Heat’s winning streak is at now. Right now the Heat is playing very similar to how the Bulls played when they ran off their 1st 3 championships. The Heat can play spurts of defense when you the opponent just can’t score. The Heat’s Achilles heel is rebounding but when you can’t pound the ball inside because LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and others just living in the passing lanes so teams can’t get into the normal offense.  The starters in the positions of PG, SG, and SF average 5 steals a game. With the Knicks in control coming out of halftime, that’s when the clamps were put on the Knicks offense.  The Knicks scored 34 points the entire 2nd half of the Sunday Showcase game. LeBron James is playing at an elite level and his team is also looking very scary, good luck to the rest of the NBA.

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All is not lost for the 76ers

I know this year has been a hard year for the 76ers fans with the trade for center Andrew Bynum and being out of the playoff race at this point NBA News - Notes - Holidaybut I submit that all is not lost for 76ers fan. You have a trade chip in Evan Turner if you choose to use it, the 76ers are in the lottery and as we know funnier things have happened, also you can move on from Bynum in a sign and trade if you are tired of his act, and Jrue Holiday has truly elevated his game and now is upper echelon point guard. Personally I think the development of Evan Turner to go with Holiday is important, unless you get lucky and get one of the 1st 5 picks in the draft. Victor Oladipo, Shabazz Muhammad, Anthony Bennett, or Ben McLemore would look great in a Sixer uniform, so taking a step back to make some major strides forward in the future is another way for this horrible season has been for the 76ers.

Have the Wizards seen the future?

NBA News - Notes - Wall-BealWith all the athleticism and promise of the backcourt of point guard John Wall and off guard Bradley Beal, the Wizards look actually pretty viable franchise. Bradley Beal is a good young combo guard with great range and has the capability to playing off John Wall very well. Obviously John Wall has made all the difference in the world with this Wizards squad.  Wall has looked very much at home within the Wizards offense dropping 7 assists a game, as well as just under 14 points a game. With Nene and Okafur manning the post and providing defense and presence inside, the Wizards look to be one more player away from being an upcoming team.

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