What is it about Madison Square Garden?


MSG - CurryIs there something in the water in MSG? Big time performances come out of that place more than any other arena. Last night again there was another amazing performance. Stephan Curry of Golden State put on a shooting show that will not soon be forgotten. Not only did Curry score 54 points but it was the efficiency of the way he did it. Curry was 18 made of 28 field goal attempts, he was 11 of 13 from beyond the arc. That’s just crazy hot! What was over shadowed in the game was the rebounding performance by Tyson Chandler, Chandler had 28 boards.

I compiles other MSG magical moments.

Rip Hamilton’s 51 points in 2006 came in Detroit’s 151-145 loss. The masked man did it all on 19 of 37 shooting while playing in a game-high 54 minutes and 58 seconds.

Allan Houston in 2003 has the strange, albeit impressive  looked across the floor at Dwyane Wade and decided to have himself a game, puttingimagesCA1GJ5S3 up 52 points, making 20 of his 30 shots and eight of his 10 three-pointers at Madison Square Garden.

On a night against the Milwaukee Bucks, Houston took just 25 shots, making 13 of them, totaling up to 50 points, including six three-pointers and 18 free throws en route to New York’s 120-111 win over the Bucks.

Even more amazing, this was the second time Houston broke the 50-point mark on the season. The first time he did it was a month earlier against the Los Angeles Lakers, when he put down 53 points.

Jamal Crawford as a Knick in 2007 looked across the floor at Dwyane Wade and decided to have himself a game, putting up 52 points, making 20 of his 30 shots and eight of his 10 three-pointers.

In 2008 LeBron James had a 50 point effort with 8 rebounds, and 10 assists. LeBron also followed up that performance with 52 point outburst imagesCAPJAKN7the next year, in that game was the infamous triple double that didn’t happen. When there was a scoring error and LeBron was stripped of a rebound. I know it is not fair to be so unaffected by a 50 point performance but also this is the guy that was pretty much on a 18 month recruiting trip before taking his talents to South Beach.

Kobe in air2 days before LeBron near triple double was the best performance in MSG. Kobe Bryant scored 61 points against the New York Knicks as the crowd just cheered for an opposing player because the sheer brilliance of the feat. Kobe, who has been known as a volume shooter just took 31 attempts to put up 61 that night.

MSG hasn’t seen a NBA championship nor a conference championship  18 to 19 years but the Mecca of basketball has seen plenty of great individual performance.


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