Patriots are all in with Brady

DPR - BradyPatriot QB Tom Brady signed a 3 year $27 million extension through the 2017 season. What this means is that Brady is a Patriot for life and there is no need to be looking for Brady’s successor any time soon. Sorry Ryan Mallett, you will be either traded or carrying the clipboard for a very long time. What does this actually means for the Patriots and what this will all mean?

I believe this means that Brady understands that he is at the point where can’t rely just on his talents. We might see a shift in offensive philosophy shift next year. Hopefully it means that the running game will become more of a staple of the offense. That also means maybe a shift in the draft strategy. Does this mean that the Patriots need better interior linemen? This year is littered with quality OL.

Here is a list OL and a scouting report, courtesy of

  1. Luke      Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M (6-6 310 lbs) – Projected to be a Top 10      pick in the draft, Joeckel has shown he can handle the best of the best.      He has  awesome pass rushing protection and can do decent work when      it comes to run blocking. I don’t see this man having a problem when he      gets the hang of the NFL’s weight lifting program and gets adjusted. This      kid reminds me of a younger Jake Long.
  2. Chance      Warmack, G, Alabama (6-3 320 lbs) – This man is a straight up monster.      The Senior Guard did excellent when it come to the running game. Warmack      has shown some struggles in games but adjusted well and bounced back to      dominate whoever was across from him. Pass blocking can be improved when      he reaches the league. He is projected to be in the Top 25. I wonder if he      will get a call from Philadelphia.
  3. Eric      Fisher, OT, Central Michigan (6-7 305 lbs) – When it comes to quick      foot work, this man has exactly that. He has shown his ability to drop      back into pass coverage and cut off speedy pass rushers and win his      blocks. This kid is projected to go sometime in the 1st round, I wouldn’t      be surprised if he is picked within the Top 5-10 as well. Whoever passes      on him will be insane. The good thing about this kid, is he can afford to      add more muscle mass to his frame. When that happens, good luck trying to get by him.
  4. Dallas  Thomas, G/OT, Tennessee (6-5 308 lbs) – A man who was moved to left      guard,  is an excellent pass and run blocker. He is a part of a team      who only allowed 18 sacks an entire season (around 1.5 per game) was the      thirst lowest in the SEC. Projected to be a late 1st round or early 2nd      round pick. I would love to see the Chicago Bears draft this young man.
  5. Jonathan Cooper, G, North Carolina (6-3 295 lbs) – A good pass and      run blocker who could keep options open with Offensive Linemen coaches. He      recorded double digit knockdown blocks in 9 of 12 games this season.      Helping the running game of North Carolina, which averaged 193.8 rushing      yards a game their highest since 1994. Cooper is quick and athletic so      being swapped between Guard and Center shouldn’t be a problem for him or whoever      decides to draft him. I see him going in the 1st round, possibly the best guard available.

So with Brady signing long term New England can sleep well as well as the Kraft family. I do not know if this is the right way to go if the philosophy stays the same. If Patriots fans are looking for Brady to sling the around the yard 40 to 50 times a game, I don’t know if that is the way to be successful for the Patriots. If this does indeed mean that there is a change towards more ball control and play action passes, to me that is where the Patriots need to go have Brady have the most success and see the end of this extension.

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