Another black eye to MLB

Blackeye - needlesWhen  we should be getting hyped about our teams going to spring training, how the new acquisitions will help our favorite ball clubs, or getting our fantasy draft boards together, we are now talking about PED use and records about sophiscated HGH and steroids use. Why? Why are we here AGAIN?!?!?! Alex Rodriguez again allegedly, Melky Cabrera allegedly again, and Bartolo Colon allegedly again!!!! I am not going to talk about how some of these guys didn’t need the alleged assistance.

MLB needs to fix this and come hard with a stance of zero tolerance. I believe that if you are popped with HGH or steroids use, a year ban and if it is towards the end of the year you sit out the following year. The other step is  wherever you are in your contract  with a team should be cancelled. You go back to a 1 year deal for the veteran minimum and maybe even a clause where the player would go back to some sort of a step above the rookie contract where the player loses free agency leverage and has to stay clean and is controlled by the team that they are with for 3 years and then be able to become a free agent. If you have a contract for multiple years and no trade contracts and what not, all of that would be stripped from the players and you are back to step one as a player. Here is how it would look. Blackeye - $$$


1st year would be 1 yr. at $650,000

2nd year would be 1 yr. at $800,000

3rd year would be 1 yr. at $1 million


**Now if you are popped again after the first time, you are suspended from the 2 years and you are not guaranteed a chance to continue your career, you would go in front of a panel of team executives, former players, and current players and would have to plead your case for re-instatement back into MLB.

Obviously if you do it again, that would end your career. 3 strike rule, its baseball so we have to implement some of the rules of baseball.

Blackeye - MelkyThis is harsh step and the players association would fight this and I know this could cause a strike or a lockout but this is what it will take to clean up the game I love. Right now, there isn’t a real incentive for players to stop using at all. Hell, Melky Cabrera turned his doping into 2 year $16.5 million deal. Tell me where I would stop trying to cheat the system if I was a player and have the opportunity to set myself and my family up for life if I have a great season in my walk year. Money is leverage. Money causes people to re-think doing these types of performance enhancing drugs. You need to say the whole thing out because that is what drives these guys. How can they enhance their performance to get… MORE MONEY!!!!

Alex Rodriguez has had 2 – 10 year /$250 million contracts. You mean to tell me that he could not have lived off the first contract? His legacy was trashed when he first got popped for this HGH and steroids and he went back and did it again allegedly. I say allegedly with sarcasm and as much as I can roll my eyes. If Alex Rodriguez says anything other than a full confession to what he has done, we will just shake our collective Blackeye - ARodheads and watch him squirm his way out of this with as much spin control he will attempt to give us on why this happened.

If you have not read the Miami News Time story I will link it in my post but this is another day where we can’t just bury our collective heads in the sand anymore, whether it is the American past time baseball, basketball, hockey, or football.

Or do we not care and just want to be entertained and we just don’t care how the players get the results that allow us to enjoy the ride and the games? I believe that sports fans definitely want to be entertained, but I think we would like to think what we see is pure. I know that might sound childlike but really when we watch sports, don’t we act and discuss our sports with childlike exuberance and zest. We love our sports and we want the records and the games played to be pure. There is a lot more to be excited about baseball this year but the cloud still looms over this great game and until MLB and the players association really come to the table and hammer out an agreement that would punish the cheaters in the game and hit them where it hurts, which potential earning power and freedom from the initial contracts. Then and only then this cloud will linger and dampen our enthusiasm for baseball.

Here is the link to the article.

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