The Baseball Gods are Smiling.

Baseball Gods - Mays, Mantle, AaronOn Wednesday January 9th 2013 justice was served and I can only hope that the punishment continues. I know that Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens were great, but they both didn’t need the help. Clemens was acquitted on perjury but the suspicions are there. Here is the deal, athletes do not get better with their performance after the age of 36. Clemens and Bonds were dominant after that age. Where usually athletes are starting to show wear and tear after age 36, both Bonds and Clemens put up historic numbers. So today, I am on my soap box  and yelling loudly that PED users don’t ever get in. It is not popular but I don’t care. Letting Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, and others we know did actually use and who ever is left on the list that has not been outed should be released and see who else is going to be allowed in to Cooperstown. If the PED users were allowed in, it would be a spit into the face of the giants of the game. Aaron, Mays, Mantle, Ruth, Ryan, and Jackie Robinson are all time greats and should not have to share their enshrinement with guys like Palmeiro, Ramirez, and others, who have wedged themselves into historic all time great numbers -already a crime in itself- should not be allowed into the most sacred place for Baseball Gods - Bondsbaseball legends.

In a game where numbers from some eras can be compared to numbers from other eras ,some of the most important numbers have been obliterated and sullied. No way should Bonds be the single season and all time homerun record holder. There was an interesting stat on the MLB network about Bonds OPS + in his what was supposed to be his declining years and Babe Ruth prime years.

Baseball Gods - Bonds 2Bonds OPS + Age 36 to 39                             Ruth OPS + 26 to 29Baseball Gods - Ruth

259                                                                               238

268                                                                               182

231                                                                               239

263                                                                               220

OPS+ definition – *A common misconception is that OPS+ closely matches the ratio of a player’s OPS to that of the league. In fact, due to the additive nature of the two components in OPS+, a player with an OBP and SLG both 50% better than league average in those metrics will have an OPS+ of 200 (twice the league average OPS+) while still having an OPS that is only 50% better than the average OPS of the league. It would be a better (although not exact) approximation to say that a player with an OPS+ of 150 produces 50% more runs, in a given set of plate appearances, as a player with an OPS+ of 100.

To me, this is the most damning set of numbers that make the argument of whether or not Bonds did or didn’t do anything as far as PEDs are concerned. This goes to so many levels that I can’t even quantify all of them. The records are now fraudulent. The saddest part of this deal is that if Bonds would have had an injury, or quit after 1999, he would have been a Hall of Famer. Bonds at that point had 490 home runs and his legacy was cemented. Now Bonds is the owner of 2 of the most revered records in all of sports. The single season homerun record, to me, still belongs to Roger Maris and the all time homerun record, to me, still belongs to Hank Aaron, period. end of story. With that being said, right now in the record books, those records are held by Barry Bonds and now we are going to allow Bonds to stand in front of the living Hall of Famers and talk about how he is now among the great of the greats? No, Barry! You made your bed so lay in it. You made the choice to re-sculpt your body in which re-sculpted and changed your course in history.

Baseball Gods - Astros ClemensClemens Stats from age 41 – 43

38 18 .679 2.40 84 84





















These are numbers for a guy who used a mid 90’s fastball and low 90’s split to dominate after 40. Are there isolated instances where this does happen? Absolutely! Nolan Ryan, and in a lesser extent Randy Johnson. But when you have a record in your last 4 seasons in Boston of 40-42 with an ERA around high 3’s and, 7 years later, you rattle of those numbers above, it puts some doubt in that it was done naturally. Clemens, just like Bonds, has a stigma on him and just like Bonds it was not like if Clemens would have 70 games less and 1000 strikeouts less Clemens wouldBaseball Gods - Red Sox Clemens have been a Hall of Famer.

This is not a witch hunt on Bonds. How many players held others back because they took a shortcut. I don’t begrudge the players making money, hell I don’t even begrudge players prolonging their career, but how many players were affected by these actions. How much better would a guy like Pedro Martinez’s numbers  have been if they weren’t any PED users? Would Clemens have won 7 Cy Young’s without the alleged assistance and those years where Clemens was so dominant who would have won? I would be incredibly sad to find out if Mike Piazza and Jeff Bagwell whispers are true, because I am a fan. I am a fan of the game and of the players of the past such as Gwynn, Raines, Ryan, Piazza, and guys like Will Clark. I am fan of players of the present, such as Kemp, Harper, Trout, Strasberg, and Pujols. Baseball is great game and just like the strike of 94’ that lead to not having a champion that year

(which should have been Montreal Expos) fans of baseball will move past the PED era. Every year when the Hall of Fame vote comes up I hope that the writers and the historians really keep the integrity of the Hall of Fame. I am sorry to Bonds and Clemens about being so harsh about my beliefs. I thoroughly enjoyed your careers until I saw you make comic book replicas of yourselves and padded your greatness with video game numbers in the twilight of your careers.


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